Responding to "Sound of Freedom"

  Last week I saw “Sound of Freedom”. Here is my response: My name is Sarah Scott Webb and I co-lead For Freedom, the global anti-trafficking ministry of SIM International. I also serve on the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission as their anti-trafficking specialist and am part of the World Freedom Network leadership team, developing the Oceania Freedom Network for our region. I write this as someone who has been involved in anti-trafficking for the past 18 years. “Sound of Freedom” has been receiving huge amounts of attention and media coverage since it was released in the US in July. It is a movie loosely based on events that happened in 2010 and tells the story of children being rescued from a sex trafficking ring in Colombia. It’s being released here on August 24th. But is it worth seeing? My answer is “YES…..BUT….” YES - because despite its flaws (of which there are many) it is raising phenomenal interest in – and awareness of - human trafficking and the urgent